Kurulus Osman Episode 78 Release Date Announced

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Published on: 21-Jan-2022

The release date for Episode 78 of the hit series ‘Kurulus Osman’ has been postponed, but when will the latest episode of the historical drama be available online? Unfortunately, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic looks to be affecting the production of a slew of wonderful television shows. This includes the next Kurulus Osman episode, which was noticeably missing from our television screens. Kurulus Osman episode 78 (season 3 episode 14) was unfortunately postponed and did not show on Wednesday, January 5th, as many fans had hoped. A statement from the production team was subsequently released on social media, claiming that the delay was due to an increase in coronavirus cases. According to the statement, there were some positive covid test on the set of Kurulus Osman and fellow ATV blockbuster series ‘Destan.’ These positive tests, combined with concerns for the safety of those involved, resulted in a filming delay, which hampered the publication of episode 78. On Wednesday, January 19th, 2022, Kurulus Osman episode 78 will be released worldwide. The official Kurulus Osman website, as well as a press release circulated on social media, verified the projected return date. Kurulus Osman is slated to return to its regular programming block on the ATV television network at 8 p.m. local time, though this has not been confirmed as of this writing. As further information about the publication of Kurulus Osman episode 78 becomes available, this article will be updated.