Kuwait visa restrictions for Pakistanis

April 21, 2012 by

THERE is a total ban on all types of visas for Pakistanis in Kuwait. The ban, imposed on nationals from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, includes suspending all tourism, visit and trade visas as well as visas sponsored by spouses.

It is indeed the prerogative of the Kuwaiti government to hire immigrant workers from any country. However Pakistanis already working in Kuwait must be governed by laws so as not to put them under additional emotional stress, resulting from forced separation from their families.

There have been a number of cases where families have been sent back to Pakistan after paying a hefty penalty since even after the completion of medical, fingerprinting and other formalities, residence visa was not stamped.

Scores of letters from resident Pakistanis in Kuwait appear in local newspapers on a regular basis pleading with the government of Kuwait to issue family visas and not to separate children from parents, and husbands from wives.

To all these queries newspapers respond by writing: “As this is a government decision, it is useless to approach any official. No one can do anything until the government lifts the ban.

The only thing you (Pakistanis) can do is approach your (Pakistani) embassy to ask the Pakistan government to intervene by sending a senior official to Kuwait to discuss the issue. There is no other remedy at the moment.”

Also the ban has been attributed to the ‘difficult security conditions in the five countries’ and to the tendency among nationals of the five countries to apply for visas to bring in relatives who face or could face arrest by local authorities.

We have been authors of our own misfortune.

The ethnic and sectarian bloodshed taking place in Pakistan is well reported here in the media. There was a time when Pakistanis commanded a certain amount of respect.

Prime Minister Gilani visited Kuwait about a year back but as expected nothing came out for the common man.

As they say, hope is the common man’s bread, so I can only hope that the Government of Pakistan would take up this matter with the Government of Kuwait and request it to open at least family visas on compassionate and humanitarian grounds.


see also published on Down news http://dawn.com/2012/04/13/kuwait-visa-restrictions-for-pakistanis/

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Comments (7)


  1. Renee says:


  2. arif raza says:

    Agree wtih Sarfraz Ahmed

  3. Tazeem says:

    Most of the Pakistanis are living in Kwt for decades. My grandfather came in 1950’s and my father in 1960’s and now i am here for last two years. Had we been in some europian countries wo would have been national there. I feel sorry not for myself being not able to bring my wife n 9 month son but feel more embarassment when I see that my father after serving and giving his entire life to this country is unable to bring his wife at time when they need eachother most and i believe most of us are in same situation. I am sure this visa will be opened sooner or later but most important thing is that we expect same love, loyality and sence of belongings from Kuwait what we deserve.

  4. Sarfraz Ahmed says:

    Our leasdership, president,prime minister parliament including army generals they work for others, they have their own agendas, they don’t work for pakistan, therefore there is no respect given to pakistani in the whole world. We need a leadership who lookafter pakistan and pakistani’s. Things will not change unless people come out in the street and throw them out. Other option is to pray to Allah SWT to abolish them.

  5. Omar Rasheed says:

    Totally Pakistani Govt failure. Rehman Malik Should come here to talk with Kuwait Govt..>>> lolz

  6. Faiz says:

    Nothing to blame except our pakistani government. Our foreign policy is responsible. A celeberity from bollywood Shah Rukh khan was kept for interogation for 2 hours at new york airport. American submitted official Sorry to indian embassey and american embassoder was called in delhi. on the other hand our 126 Army soldiers were martyred by NATO and no words of sorry from them. Make urself strong / good enough so others can respect you.